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  • Great vid too. Ya...I recall experiencing a few 'Family Tables' in my life that kinda ended up the same way. Powerful stuff. Well done! | Tex Bach (Bassist) in Canada, Sept 2021

  • One of the highlights of 2020 on Banks Radio Australia. Amazing vocals and vibe. It most certainly inspires and exhibits tremendous appeal! | Isaac Banks, owner of, Dec 2020.  

  • A powerful song befitting of this holiday season, 'Family Tables' is the latest single from Kansas City singer/songwriter Ivory Blue. You can hear it exclusively on The Bridge.|Michelle Bacon  90.9 FM The Bridge.

  • This is a very gifted musician. Capable of greatness in the music world and may I say a very kind and lovely person. It is an honor to have met IVORY BLUE.|Chat Hanson (Former agent of Steve Martin)

  • Saw Ivory Blue at the Independence WineFest with the West Ind Connection. Fabulous voice and very talented singer and guitarist! Hope to see and hear more!! Thanks for playing for us and sharing your talents! |Jen Theen, Aug 2020

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